BRC Assessor

Education Background:

Undergraduate course

The number of:




Working place:

Changsha, Hunan Province

1. Specific Requirements

1) Bachelor degree or above, major in food related discipline, biological science, science and engineering, etc.

2) Proficient in writing reports in English, able to communicate with the staff of regulatory agencies and foreign colleagues independently in the relevant professional fields.

3.) At least 5 years working experience in quality management, product safety, technology management, risk management and other related positions in food industry; BRC or HACCP or Food safety/Quality management system auditor qualification is preferred.

4) Healthy, active, responsible, with strong coordination ability and team spirit, able to handle and handle complex problems independently.

5) Aged 28-40, able to travel frequently.


2. Working Treatment

1) 8000-10000*13 salary(RMB), or negotiable.

2) Five social insurance and housing fund, weekends and double holidays, paid annual leave, holidays and birthday benefits.

3) Double salary at the end of the year, performance bonus and year-end bonus.

4) Transportation subsidy, communication subsidy, regular physical examination.


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