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Kiwa BCS can certify products worldwide according to the following criteria

My advantages

Boost your profits – by giving you access to new markets and helping to meet your customers’ demands, organic certification can help boost your business
Meet customers’ needs – customers are increasingly demanding organic products; you can show them your credentials with e.g. the Euro Leaf label
Improve competitiveness – European organic certification helps you enter the European market and forge new partnerships
Reduce pesticide risk – organic certification protects against the risk of pesticide contamination in your products
Demonstrate your commitment to quality – certification shows customers, partners and employees your products meet the required quality standards
Contribute to sustainability – show your support for global goals on climate change, biodiversity and environmental protection
Support farmers in your supply chain – EU organic certification creates a level playing field for farmers, including those non-EU countries who export to the EU


Kiwa BCS China
Kiwa BCS China

Why Kiwa BCS?

Kiwa BCS is one of the pioneers of the organic business in Europe. In order to guarantee high quality and independence in the certification process, we always work according to the four-eye principle. We accompany you and your company professionally in all areas of organic certification: 

Kiwa BCS is the first state-approved organic inspection body in Germany.
With our worldwide branches and partner companies,we offer our services on four continents.
“ BCS-Organic-Production-Standard” we offer our services on four continents.

We offer not only EU organic certification for companies based in Germany but also an equivalent EU Organic certification in third countries with our “BCS-Organic-Production-Standard” which is approved by the EU commission and our accreditation body DAkkS.
In addition to the EU Organic certification, we offer international certifications of organic products according to various recognized organic, fairtrade and sustainability standards in Germany and abroad.
We carry out inspections and certifications in all areas of organic production: for farmers, processors, distributors, importers, exporters, warehouses and packers.
By partnering with Kiwa BCS, you can certify your organic products on your products, gain access to the global organic market and show your commitment to sustainability and quality to your customers. 

The certification process

Kiwa BCS China
Kiwa BCS China

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Kiwa BCS China

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